Curriculum for Cytogenetics

The following document outlines the details of Objectives of Anatomy contents to be taught during Cytogenetics Block/Unit/Course in undergraduate medical sciences (MBBS) program.

Block/Unit/Course: Cytogenetics


Chromosome and Chromosomal Disorders
Pattern of Inheritance
Pedigree Analysis
Prenatal Diagnosis
Genetic Counseling


At the end of the block/unit/course, students should be able to:

  1. Discuss the importance of genetics in medicine.
  2. Define the common terminologies used in medical genetics.
  3. Differentiate different mode of inheritance of genetic diseases and appraise the chance of inheritance in offspring.
  4. Describe chromosome and its structure and classify it.
  5. Explain the various types of chromosomal abnormalities.
  6. Discuss the phenotypic and karyotypic features of common chromosomal disorders.
  7. Interpret the karyogram.
  8. Appraise the use of family history and pedigree analysis.
  9. Outline the indications for chromosomal analysis.
  10. Discuss the different type of prenatal diagnostic modalities and explain its advantage and limitations/disadvantages.
  11. Outline the indications for prenatal diagnosis.
  12. Outline the indications for genetic counseling
  13. Discuss steps in genetic counseling.
You can find compiled curriculum at Undergraduate Anatomy Curriculum.