Anatomy Curriculum for Urinary System

The following document outlines the details of Objectives of Anatomy contents to be taught during Urinary System Block/Unit/Course in undergraduate medical sciences (MBBS) program. 

Block/Unit/Course: Urinary System


Urinary Bladder


At the end of the block/unit/course, students should be able to:

  1. List the developmental sources for various parts of urinary system.
  2. Explain the developmental basis for the various congenital anomalies related with urinary system.
  3. Describe the gross features of kidney and its relationship.
  4. Describe the gross features of ureter and its relationship.
  5. Describe the gross features of urinary bladder.
  6. Describe the gross features of urethra.
  7. Demonstrate the surface anatomy of kidney.
  8. Identify and describe the histological features of organs of urinary system.
  9. Identify the radiological features of urinary system on standard diagnostic images.
You can find compiled curriculum at Undergraduate Anatomy Curriculum.